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Lead Forensics provides the market-leading tool for B2B lead generation, created with first-hand experience of the challenges faced by B2B Sales and Marketing teams. With research showing that 98% of website visitors never enquire, Lead Forensics can improve ROI from online marketing activity by uncovering additional sales opportunities from your website and offering detailed profile information to target prospects more effectively. The Lead Forensics software gives you the anonymous visitors business name, address, phone number, industry, turnover and employee numbers, as well as the pages viewed and the key search terms they used to find you. For a demo and FREE trial contact 1-702-784-0017

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Digital marketing has exploded over the last decade and with Facebook now topping the weekly traffic for Google and a new member joining LinkedIn every second, social media is seeing the same growth.

With so much focus on digital activity and 93% of B2B purchases starting online, the company website had become the proverbial shop window, the face of the business, with all digital sign posts pointing to it.

But for every B2B site visitor who converts there are another 20 prospects who interact with a company website then disappear.

Research shows that just 5% of B2B website visitors actually go on to transact with that business in the form of an enquiry, information request or purchase. The harsh reality is that 95% of the business visitors we invest thousands in driving to our site through PPC, SEO, online display and activity, never identify themselves.

Can you truly measure the effectiveness of marketing that's driving prospects to your website, when all you see at the end of the sales funnel are the people that put their hand up and said 'contact me'?

And if you could identify those visitors that choose to just have a look around, rather than convert to lead immediately, how would that impact your business?


Most marketing plans follow a multi-channelled, integrated approach covering a range of both on and offline activity. Many businesses still focus on traditional channels such as direct mail, events, exhibitions and trade press but they support this activity with a full digital plan.

56% of businesses say their search budget is increasing year on year. Having a fully optimised website with SEO and PPC in place is vital and for best practice it needs to be supported by campaign specific landing pages.

Add social media to the mix - now an average 19.5% of the B2B marketing budget plus the 100 emails a day the average B2B professional received and it's clear that the range of tools - blogs, Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook are all adding to the ways we connect with prospects.

This activity is all driving them to the same place - the website, but if after all of this marketing effort and despite your fully integrated marketing plan, intricately targeting prospects on so many levels and through so many channels.


The solution at Lead Forensics has been designed with one aim in mind. B2B lead generation. Not only can it identify basic company details like the company name, telephone number, address and website address, it also identifies the search term the prospect used to get to the website, which page they landed on and which pages they spent time on.

You may be thinking that this isn't important because if they really wanted your services they would fill out a contact form, send an email or even pick up the phone.

But what if they don't? It's not necessarily because they're not interested - they may have planned to do it later and forgotten, or asked someone else to do it.

Or perhaps they really liked your proposition, but have then gone on to several of your competitors websites and had a look around these too and now they can't remember why they liked you so much at the start of their search because of information overload. Don't you want to catch them whilst the information is fresh in their mind? Before one of your competitors do?


For sales it means wasting less valuable time cold calling data lists and instead having detailed actionable information on hot prospects, people in the market to buy your product.

As the information provided is so detailed, less time is spent researching the businesses visiting your website and more on converting them.

The tool helps identify upgrade and cross sell opportunities with existing clients. This is invaluable when monitoring the sales pipeline.Clients have increased their sales by up to 50% using the Lead Forensics tool whilst reducing the volume of cold calls they make.

For marketing the Lead Forensics solution helps measure the effectiveness of all activity driving prospects to the website and increases conversion overall.

The client portal also provides access to many different reports allowing you to truly measure the volume of traffic from all your marketing activity and identify who the actual visitors are, rather than just those that make contact.


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