HTML5 is our choice of platform. However, if you have a preference to a specific website platform e.g. WordPress, Drupal or Joomla, no problem, we can build it using any of these platform per your request. All of our website packages can be built using the platform of your choice without any change in price. Pricing is the same regardless of platform. However, if applicable, our recommendation on any small or informational website, would be to build it using HTML5 and CSS3. Review our packages and pricing below and let us know if you have any questions.
  • 10-12 HTML5 Web Pages
  • W3C Compliant
  • Responsive Website
  • Smartphones, Tablets &
  • Desktop Friendly
  • High-End Design Layout
  • Home Page Image Slider
  • Required Stock Photos
  • Secured Form
  • 90-Minute Training
One Time
  • 20 Custom Pages
  • Responsive Website
  • HTML5 Web Format
  • WordPress Blog
  • ShareThis Plugin
  • Blog Posts
  • Social Network Links
  • Photo Gallery
  • RSS Feed
  • 90-Minute Training
One Tiime
  • 25-35 Custom Web Pages
  • Responsive Website
  • Optional Web Hosting
  • Sub-Sub Menu Links
  • Custom Page Elements
  • Photo Gallery
  • Yoast SEO
  • WP Blog Posts
  • Image Page Slider
  • 90-Minute Training
One Time


If you're looking to build or re-build a brand new website that is responsive to all devices, search engine friendly, easy to manage, ideal for small businesses with small budgets, then our best and ONLY recommendation would be to build your main and most important pages in HTML5 format - and use WordPress ONLY as a dynamic blog, news, event and ecommerce store solution.

Eric Tan, Webmaster


HTML5 is the only approved Internet standard in the world for building web pages therefore, it is also the most search engine friendly and, in the long run, costs less to manage. WebsiteCenter.com specializes in HTML5 websites so if you're looking to start an online business, build your website using HTML Version 5. HTML5 formatted web pages is the best solution for small to medium sized businesses with informational websites. It will rank higher organically on search results - and the overall cost in maintenance, hosting, marketing and scalability will be lower than any other platforms in the world.

HTML5 is the only approved Internet language developed by W3C Internet Standards. W3C (W3.org) sets the Internet standards on everything that is Internet or online related. Microsoft, Apple, HP, Google, etc., all have to follow W3C's standards in order to developer their hardware and software products. Without these standards, these devices would not be able to work together.

Our objective with your website project is to design the website to generate results. How to generate results will be to deliver the right kind of traffic. From domain name registration, to website design, web hosting, management and marketing, WebsiteCenter.com has your back. We have the experience, the knowledge, and the moral ethics to always do the right thing, which is to always protect your business interest first even above ours.


For your convenience, WebsiteCenter.com is conveniently located in the fabulous City of Las Vegas, NV. Fly to our fabulous City of Las Vegas to visit our office. Then deduct your Las Vegas trip as business tax deduction. We've been in Las Vegas since year 2000. We promise to be here for you today, tomorrow and every day for the life of your online business.


If you have a fear of contracts, no worry. We like having open relationships with our clients. Most seem to like it that way too. They can come and go as they please because there is no short or lengthy contracts required - only if you want to. There are certain advantages to being a preferred client.


We are simply a group of honest webmasters, website designers, programmers and graphic artists that can deliver a website design product that will provide you measurable results - in terms of sales, inquiry or telephone calls; guaranteed! Leave the technical aspect of your online business to web professionals like WebsiteCenter.com. We can make sure that you're online business delivers more everyday.


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