Career: IT Professional

Web Designer | Graphic Designer | Programmer | Media Editor

We are accepting resumes for Website and Graphic Designers, Webmasters and Programmers.

We are accepting resumes for Independent Contractors specializing in website design, graphic design, web application, Wordpress website development and webmasters to be part of WebSiteCenter.com web design development team. We ask that you present your job application as professional as possible. Make sure your resume is updated and provided to us in PDF format. Minimize any colors and graphics since we do still print resumes for review and filing.

Once you submit your resume for our consideration, we will set up a scheduled appointment for an extensive interview process and testing. It is required that applicants must be a resident of Las Vegas, Nevada since all work must be done at our business facility located in Las Vegas, NV. We do not allow work to be done outside of our office due to security and quality control reasons. All work are done in-house in our corporate office.

Work with a team of web experts that you can rely on, learn from and trusts that the solutions being provided is in the best interest of the client. The finished product reflects highly on you and the company, therefore, it is imperative that we complete the project in a most professional and timely manner. That's hard to do all by yourself. Do you like sales? How about never having to make a sale or answer a difficult question that you might not know the answer to? Well, we love doing the sales aspect of the business. This is really the best part - we bring the website clients to you and it keeps coming. Let's say we bring to you one client per week. That makes 52 web design clients per year who will need updates and upgrades on their website on a regular basis for as long as they own their online business. If you're the designated designer and developer of all of those websites, then you're pretty much set for life. But there's next year and the year after that. Obviously, you will not be able to handle this much work volume without the help, support and assistance of other webmasters and other knowledgeable supporting staff. That's where supervisory and project management comes in. Working for yourself is not the same as being an Independent Contractor.

Working for yourself means that you do everything and pay for everything. As an Independent Contractor (IC) for WebsiteCenter.com, you'll never work alone and you'll have all the support you need to finish any assigned project and get paid.

Why work for WebsiteCenter.com as a Web Designer?

WebsiteCenter.com conforms to all federal and state employment laws of the State of Nevada in the United State of America. The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) is responsible for enforcing federal laws that make it illegal to discriminate against a job applicant or an employee because of the person's race, color, religion, sex (including pregnancy), national origin, age (40 or older), disability or genetic information. It is also illegal to discriminate against a person because the person complained about discrimination, filed a charge of discrimination, or participated in an employment discrimination investigation or lawsuit.
We treat everyone with respect and as equal partner in projects. We treat people like the way we would want to be treated in kind, as a business professional, as an respectable individual and as a human being.
When you join WebsiteCenter.com, you are not just one of the team, you are family. You can rely on us for help, support and training on work that you might be familiar with. We don't expect you to know everything so we make sure that you have all of us to lean on.
Earn as much as you want as fast as you want. Accuracy and speed is key to making money at WebsiteCenter.com.
1) PER PROJECT BASIS: You will be paid on a per project basis on new and rebuilt website projects. Website projects that are sold as website packages are paid on a flat fee basis. Whether you complete the project in 1-day or 5-days, your payment will be the same for that project.
2) PER HOUR BASIS: Compensation for website updates and maintenance usually fall under the per hour basis. Once a new project is completed, it typically requires maintenance and updates within 30-60 days from date of launch. When they come back around, that is when the per hour basis kicks in.
3) PERCENTAGE BASIS: WebsiteCenter.com clients who are not under Website Management Contract usually pay a higher per hourly rate than clients who are under contract. This compensation mode is rare, however it still applies since the standard per hourly rate is still in effect.


Independent Contractors

We bring the clients to you. We handle the sale, support and accounting so you can stay focus on creativity and care towards your projects. We need:
  • Web Designers
  • Wordpress Specialist
  • Graphic Designers
  • PHP Programmer
  • ASP Programmer
  • Webmasters
  • Video/Audio Specialists
  • Web Developer

Sales Representative

Get extensive training on the intricate and technical aspect of website design and how to run an online business and make money in the process. Start your network here.
  • Unlimited Income
  • Get Residual Income
  • No Hard Sale
  • People Network
  • Management Opportunity
  • Training Opportunity
  • Commission Only

Support Staff

From clerical to supervisory positions. Hourly rate will commensurate with experience.
  • 18+ Age Requirements
  • Type 50+ WPM
  • Good Communication Skills
  • Bilingual a Plus
  • Professional Attitude
  • Professional Appearance
  • Professional Office Skills
  • HTML Knowledge a Plus
  • Employee Status