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WebsiteCenter.com is a full-service website design company located in the fabulous city of Las Vegas, NV. Our reason to provide a full-service website design company is for security reasons. Tracking, monitoring and managing your digital assets requires physical security, creative organization, proper storage and maintenance. This is why we offer website management, website marketing, web hosting, cloud email, and merchant account services as our primary services. Other services includes domain name registration, website migration and transfer, website backup, SSL Certificate, Social Media Accounts, and more.

Established in 1998 and incorporated with the State of Nevada in 2004, WebsiteCenter.com has designed, developed, marketed, managed and hosted all types of websites from small informational websites to custom and standard ecommerce websites to customer membership-driven websites. We know what's possible online and what's not. Let's leave it at that.

Our story started in the high-desert cities of Oak Hills, California back in 1997. We just purchased a 4-bedroom house on 2-1/2 acres. You'll be familiar with Oak Hills with its nearby cities of Apple Valley, Victorville, Phelan and Hesperia, California. These are small cities by comparison to Las Vegas, NV. If you've driven from Los Angeles to Las Vegas or vice versa, you have undoubtedly passed through these high-desert cities on the 15-Freeway.

Our house faces a dirt road but the side of the house faces a two-lane paved road which is the main thoroughfare between two high desert cities: The City of Hesperia and the City of Phelan. In March of 1997, I posted a 10x4 sign on the side of my property facing the paved road that reads: WebsiteCenter.com - Website Design Services - Call 702-326-4515. From my perspective, WebsiteCenter.com was born on that day.

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3904 Total Eclipse Street, Las Vegas, NV 89135 - This is WebsiteCenter.com's current corporate office in Las Vegas, NV.

A Miracle Happened, a Short Story

If you know anything about domain name registration, you'll know that what happened to us is nothing short of a miracle. We were destined to be in the website design business. We were destined to have WebsiteCenter.com as the name of the business. Meaning, it was meant for me to be a "web designer." It was our destiny. Our goal is to help others reach their full business potential on the Internet. That's exactly what we got!

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Our Team of Web Professionals

We are proud to introduce our team of website professionals dedicated to serve your online business to the path of success.

Eric Tan, CEO, Website Designer

Love what you do and you'll never have to work for the rest of your life! I love what I do.

Trish Tan, Accounting

I make sure that your account is settled and in order. If there's any issues with your account, I will handle it.

Gloria Tan, Director

Assisting customers with respect and professionalism is my goal on a daily basis. Let me help you.

Josue R., Graphic and Web Designer

Professional WordPress Website Management, Updates and Custom Development

Chris H., Web Designer, Programmer

Professional WordPress Website Developer, Programmer & Graphic Designer

Rocky A., Web Designer, Programmer

Specializes in WordPress Theme Development, Web and Graphic and Design

Josue R., Graphic and Web Designer

Professional WordPress Website Management, Updates and Custom Development

Chris H., Web Designer, Programmer

An expert in WordPress Website Development, Custom Programming and Graphic Design

Rocky A., Web Designer, Programmer

Specializes in HTML, WordPress Theme Development and Graphic and Design

Our Promise

We PROMISE to take your business interest above ours as our fiduciary duty towards our webmaster-client relationship. We promise to apply everything we know about website design and search engine optimization and marketing to make your online business a success online.

Our MISSION is to provide businesses with an affordable website design solution that has the look and feel of a professional website design by large corporations. Provide a one-stop-shop website design services that businesses can utilize to manage and maintain their websites on a regular basis. To build and provide a secured website running at optimum performance. To help clients reap the benefits of what the Internet has to offer and ultimately, to be your in-house webmaster.

Our VISION is already here: On the Internet, businesses has an equal-playing field with big businesses. Our big vision is to be your in-house webmaster and to millions of website businesses; to become an integral part of your online business on a regular basis. We can visualize being your exclusive website design, online marketing and web hosting department all rolled into one. Having all of these services under WebsiteCenter.com provides a higher level of security and control. We can also envision having thousands of multiple WebsiteCenter.com locations worldwide, serving each local communities and cities. The primary reason for physical locations is to provide a very important aspect of any business: a quality face-to-face interaction between two (or more) people.

We have creative IDEAS and VISIONS on how to get your business thrive online while keeping your online costs down. We're experts in search engine optimization so we have proven strategies to keep your website on top of search results. We have extensive online business experience to share e.g. what works online and what does not. We can help in the branding and marketing of your products and services and spread it to the masses to reach that perfect group of audience. Call us for a free consultation today and learn more.

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