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HTML 3-Day One-On-One Training

Learn HTML5, some CSS and some graphic editing techniques to get an edge over your competitor. With our Web Design Training, you can take better control of your website with a clear understanding on how it works, how to make it better and how to rank high in organic ranking. Join our HTML training today!

Like anything new, learning HTML5 (Hyper Text Markup Language Version 5) and CSS3 (Cascading Style Sheets Version 3) will become easier with practice. We are confident that by the end of our two or three-day class you will have a much better understanding of the entire website design architecture from start to finish.

As you probably already know, HTML5 and CSS3 is the primary language of the Internet when building and creating simple to complex websites and web pages. Even search engines and major Internet players have to conform to HTML standards in order to build their web based programs. Even if you have very little computer experience, we make our HTML lessons simple and easy to use. We will teach you the basic skills that you can do today and tomorrow, over and over again. We guarantee that you will learn a lot while having lots of fun learning!

We offer three website design related classes: 1) Website Design Made Simple; 2) Ecommerce and Shopping Carts - Monetizing Your Website and 3) Search Engine Optimization and Marketing.

These classes are designed for individual use only, with or without basic computer knowledge with minimal online experience. Our focus is to teach the HTML basics in layman's terms. We believe that the best way to learn anything is by hands-on experience - then repeat each lessons several times during class. Through repetition, you will remember and learn. What you will learn you will be able to use regularly. To complete the class, your class project is to build a full ecommerce website that is fully functional and ready to launch online. Each finished website that you built during class, will be independently owned and operated by you.

How our Workshop Works

STEP 1: Workshop I - Learn how to build and design web pages using HTML and CSS. Learn how to properly resize and compress your images making it ideal for the web.

STEP 2: Workshop II - Learn how to convert your simple web pages into an ecommerce website and how to generate other revenue streams using the same shopping cart and payment gateways.

STEP 3: Workshop III - Learn how to drive the RIGHT kind of traffic to your website for best and maximum results. Patience is key here. Knowledge will give you patience.

Take each class at your leisure. You should learn each class really well before moving on to the next class. Purchase each class one-at-a-time or all three for a discounted price. Call for details. Immediately after purchase, one of our representative will call you to schedule.

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HTML Training

Most people have asked if they can learn this. We say, why not? It is easier than you think. HTML was designed for the layman but it got a little bit complicated as time went by but the basics is still simple and easy to use.

3-Day HTML5 Class
5-Hours per Day
8:00 am to 1:00 pm
Free Domain Name Free 3-Mo. Hosting Bring a Laptop
Free Use of Software
Internet Access
FTP Account
Class Materials
Design Theme
Stock Photos
30-Day Access

2-Day HTML5 Class
5-Hours Per Day
10:00 am - 3:00 pm
Setup Paypal Account
Setup Paypal Cart Codes
Setup Paypal Shipping
Learn Shipping Cost
Learn Shipping Options
Learn Different Carts
Cart Features
State & Federal Taxes