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What is SSL Security Certificate?

Shared Web Hosting account is where you share a server with other shared web hosting accounts to server and deliver your website to search engines and online visitors.

There is a great importance to having SSL certificates securing websites. Giving website visitors' confidence in their safety is key to having a successfully website.

Remember: If a website has HTTP instead of HTTPS, then the browser will send all the information as plain text to the web server. If anyone is watching the web traffic, they will be able to see that information.

If the website has a SSL certificate installed and using HTTPS, then the web traffic will be encrypted. This is of great importance for collecting any customer's sensitive information.

Lastly, Google has incentives for websites that have SSL certificates installed. And helping Google to rank your website higher should be at the top of your list.

SSL Certificates keep your site and online transactions secure with strong encryption, protecting any sensitive data your site may be collecting. Today's customers expect every website they visit to provide a completely secured experience, which provides the trust and reputation they need to make purchases.

Out of the box, our Fully Managed service offers Let's Encrypt as a free, auto-renewing SSL solution. Or, purchase a universally trusted SSL certificate from GlobalSign through our one-stop shop control panel.

In addition, our highly trained technicians are available 24/7/365 to quickly and easily set you up with an SSL Certificate that fits your needs, freeing you from the responsibility of issuing, reissuing, renewing, and reporting across domains. We can help you protect your site and ensure it stays protected, giving you more time to focus on your business.

SSL Certificate Features:
- Encrypt Your Online Transaction
- Phishing Attack Prevention
- Choose From Wide Range of SSL Types
- Install Across Multiple Servers

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