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Enrique Tan, CEO, Web Designer, Developer
Enrique Tan
CEO, Web & Graphic Designer, Developer

Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer Science with a minor in Business Administration, Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP), Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE), Web Authoring Certificate, Google and Yahoo Partner Program, .

I've always known that I'll be managing and helping various types of businesses since Grade 5 elementary school. I love everything about business and I'm always fascinated and excited to learn about how your business operates. I use everything I know in every project to ensure it's success. I take pride in what I do and I love doing web design for clients. I can do this forever.

P: (702) 784-0017
Lu Zheng, Accounting
Lu Zeng

Certified Accountant,

Lu is proficient in all aspect of accounting for business, including payroll, accounts receivable and payables. If you have any accounting issues or questions, please do not hesitate to contact Lu. She will be more than happy to help you.

P: (702) 784-0017
Cindy Ikeda, Operations Manager
Cindy Ikeda
Operations Manager/Web Designer

Cindy has a wide range of business experience with in-depth knowledge of digital business operations and marketing. Her sales and various job position within a corporate environment will be of high-use at

P: (702) 784-0017
Lito Lopez
Web & Graphic Designer

Lito has a degree in computer science with focus on web technology. He has mastered the web design aspect at lightning speed and is well versed in search engine optimization.

P: (702) 784-0017
John Malcolm
Web Designer/Developer

John has an in-depth knowledge of website design, marketing and server technology, specifically wordpress platform. He knows all the available plugins including its installation and management.

Contacts P: (702) 784-0017
Linda Schooner
Web & Graphic Designer

Linda has a vast background in computer technology, especially web. Her background focuses on marketing and designing websites to launch new products and introductory offers. She helps with all aspect of marketing.

Contacts P: (702) 784-0017
Daniela Gonzalez
Web & Graphic Designer

Daniela comes from a family of artists. That is where she gets her creative talent from, her family. When it comes to graphic design, Daniela is our go-to person. She gets it! She knows what we need and want.

Contacts P: (702) 784-0017


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