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What is Social Media Marketing?


Social Media Marketing refers to the process of obtaining relevant online traffic via social networking sites e.g. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube. Social media is the entire social networking community as a whole. A social networking site is one special aspect of social media like Twitter - it is designed to let people share short messages. Facebook on the other hand is a full-blown social networking site that allows for sharing videos, photos, events, thoughts and more.

Most social networking platforms have built-in data analytics tools, which enable companies to track the progress, success, and engagement of ad campaigns. Marketers can access and utilize social networking site's in-depth analysis of its members resulting in a more refined target audience.

When using social media marketing, firms can allow customers and Internet users to post user-generated content (e.g., online comments, product reviews, etc.), also known as earned media rather than use marketer-prepared advertising copy.

Source: www.Wikipedia.com

How does the Social Media Marketing Process Works?

Equal Parts: Art and Science.

Successful business owners know how to capitalize on the huge amount of data that social media users generate in real time. Every day, social media users post over 500 million Tweets, upwards of 95 million photos and videos on Instagram, and nearly 4.5 billion posts on Facebook. But, beneath this mountain of information, there are valuable insights about your customers: who are they, what do they like, and what are they willing to pay for.

Consistency = Organic Traffic

By posting valuable, niche-relevant content on a regular basis, social media algorithms will work harder to put your brand in front of new customers, absolutely free. That's right, free advertisement. Our experts take care of this for you so you can focus on business.

Facebook Pixel

The Facebook Pixel are more effective than ever. Once implemented on your site, they make advertising on Facebook much more effective. Not only can you track exactly who you're advertising to, you will have clear insights on how your Facebook ads are performing. No more guesswork. This makes your marketing efforts more effective, leading to a better return on your advertising dollars.

Reach New Audience

There are more than 3.76 billion internet users across the globe, and of that, over 2.7 billion active users on social media. By utilizing social media in a consistent and meaningful way, you will reach and retain customers far better than your competitors.


Below are Three (3) Social Media Marketing Package for your consideration. Select the package that best fits your need and budget. Each package will deliver some level of measurable results with the Enterprise producing the most results.
Professional Setup
  • FB Posts
  • Branding Awareness
  • Remarketing Tool
  • Targeted Demographics
  • Dynamic Ads
  • Local Awareness
  • Offer Claims
  • Campaign Setup
One-Time Fee
Enterprise Setup
  • All of Professional
  • Custom Campaign Ads
  • Conversion Tracking
  • Page Optimization
  • Custom Ads Per Mo.
  • Contact List
  • FB Pixel
  • Contact List
One-Time Fee
Monthly Maintenance
  • 3 Postings Per Week
  • Continue Media Strategy
  • Content Creation
  • Content Promotion
  • Reputation Management
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Spam Monitoring
  • Progress Reports
per month


Who should purchase our social media marketing package?

Social Media is a full-time-job. Hiring an in-house social media manager can cost upwards of $4000/mo. Our team of web experts have been trained to make your sales funnel more efficient by using tested practices to build social value, increase brand awareness, and manage online reputation. It is proven that businesses with well maintained social media accounts benefit in the form of: increased web traffic, higher-quality lead generation, and better overall sales. Our job is to help your business reach its full potential.

Small and Medium sized businesses who do not have any time to create much less manage a social network account nor have they done any social media marketing whatsoever. Our social media package will get your social media marketing off to a good start. Our job is to manage and protect your reputation within the social media world so it can grow to its full potential.

What's included in our social media packages?
Everything your business needs to get started, the right way, on social network marketing: A FB account, FB posts, targeted audience, PPC campaign, FB Ads, and orientation on your FB marketing campaign.
Why does my businesses need a social media marketing campaign?
Online marketing and advertising are limited to search engines and social networks. Most of you are probably already marketing via search engines so it only makes sense that social media marketing is your next logical step. Social networks know their audience much more deeply than any search engines because not only do their users use the system within FB environment, FB sees everything they do and who they do it with. As opposed to search engines, they only know what you're doing if you are logged in, which in most cases, you're not.
How does it work and what is the first step in social media marketing?
The initial setup is where most of the work entails. We will create and promote FB posts to reach and create brand awareness. Based on those FB posts, we will then create a marketing campaign utilizing FB marketing tools like Remarketing with targeted demographics and dynamic product ads. With focus on local awareness, offer claims, business page optimization and special landing pages, the number of leads, customers, sales and inquiries will be matched by how good your business promotion against the competition.
What can I expect to get from your social media package?
More business. More website traffic. More Sales. More Inquiries. More Calls. More Foot Traffic.
How much can I expect to spend on social media marketing on a monthly basis?
This will depend on how much business you want to acquire. You can spend as little as $5-10 per day or as much as $100 per day depending on how much business you want to receive.
Would I be able to manage this campaign on my own?
We can provide you orientation and training on how to manage your social media campaign OR you can let us do it for you to keep it consistent and accurate as much as possible.

Why choose WebsiteCenter.com for your social Media Marketing?

Our social media package is an ideal stepping stone for any small/medium sized businesses venturing into social media marketing. We will use social networks to spread the word about your business brand, products and services. We are expert professionals experienced in social media marketing. Let's be honest, social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and alike have become an integral part of our daily lives therefore it only makes sense that your business becomes a part of the social network crave.

We will show you how to get the most out of your social media accounts and how to best maintain it throughout the life of your business.

We are Professionals
We are certified programmers, web developers and webmasters working as full-time web designers and social marketing professionals.
We are Experienced
We have decades of experience in the social marketing arena and overall website design process.
We are Honest
We do what we say and we truly and honestly want you to succeed in your business.

What people say?

We never thought about marketing on Facebook until Eric told me how it can be done without having to the work myself. I thought that I would have to socialize on a regular basis which is something we're not comfortable at. Their social media marketing program is amazing! I'm getting more business on social media than any other online ad. That's amazing!

David T., A1CarpetCare.biz

What people say?

Our online advertisement has always been primarily with search engines which has its ups and downs. With the social media marketing, it is a lot more consistent easier to close. I think because the trust buildup on our social media ads have a lot more "power" on social networks than on search engines. Now that we have both social media and search engine marketing, it could not be any better.

Brandy L., Cincinatti, OH

What people say?

WebsiteCenter.com knows everything there is to know about the Internet. They're professional, experts in their fields. They're reliable, dependable and they protect your business interest, above theirs. I've been a long-time client. They've always delivered on their promise and more. WebsiteCenter.com is the best social media marketing company in the entire City of Las Vegas, NV.

Vincent Fodera, Artists


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