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Join our Two (2) Day Ecommerce Web Design Workshop for six (6) hours per day. Class starts every Thursday of every week.

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Make money while you sleep, literally, or while you're driving, eating, walking, playing, pretty much anytime of the day awake or asleep. The best part about having an ecommerce website is opening your email in the morning and seeing your online orders. The higher the number of online orders, the higher the euphoria.

You've built a website that is getting a lot of attention and with its significant amount and quality of traffic, it is now time to monetize the site and get a return on our investment of time, money and effort. This class is about how websites collect payments online safe and easy.

Start accepting Visa/Mastercard online and increase your sales overall. The only way to collect real money online is to have a secured, real-time credit card processing on your site commonly referred to as an online Payment Gateway. With this Ecommerce Made Simple lessons, you’ll be shocked on how easy it is to put it all together - seamlessly. The website, the products, its shopping cart and online payment gateway - all in one day.

DISCLAIMER: Our 2-day Ecommerce Web Design Workshop, its class outline and select HTML lessons are designed to get you off and running fast in managing your current website by getting a better understanding on how it works; to help you gain immediate control over your online business; and to promote website ownership and responsibility.

Please note, that this class is NOT an accredited class for any web authoring certifications program or as school credits nor as part of any curriculum towards higher learning. This class is also not intended to provide you with the necessary skills required in the job marketplace as entry level webmasters or web developers. It is strictly designed for personal business use ONLY.

Class Subjects (Partial List)

  • Setup A Merchant Account
  • Setup A PayPal Account
  • Manual Transactions
  • Batch Closings
  • Virtual Terminals
  • Chips & Stripes
  • Review Online Shopping Carts
  • Remote Server Shopping Carts
  • Configure a Product
  • Product Options
  • Local & Federal Taxes
  • Shipping Fees & Schedule
  • USPS
  • UPS
  • FedX
  • DHL
  • Rates & Terms
  • Handling Fees
  • Colors & Sizes
  • Other Product Options
  • Pricing
  • Pricing Options
  • Weight, Height, Width, Diameters
  • x
  • Closed Batch Transactions
  • Customer Credit Card Info
  • SSL Security
  • Locked Files & Drawers
  • Dedicated IP Address
  • Fraudulent Transactions
  • International Orders
  • Refund & Return Policies
  • Shipping Rates
  • Currency Exchange & Transfers
  • Jurisdiction
  • Legal Recourse
  • Pricing Options
  • Formatting
  • Standard or Proprietary
  • Device Selection & Adoption
  • Delivery Options
  • Packaging
  • Use these sites to sell more.
  • Requirements
  • UPC Codes
  • Cost
  • How it works.
  • Advantages & Disadvantages
  • Checking & Savings
  • Merchant Accounts through banks.
  • Requirements
  • Personal Checking Account
  • Sole Proprietor
  • Partnership
  • LLC, S or C Corporation
  • State & Federal Licensing
  • Local Business License

How it Works

STEP 1 - Learn how to create, build, design and publish web pages online using HTML and CSS. Learn how to properly resize and compress your media files and images making it ideal for the web. STEP 2 - Learn how to add shopping cart codes to your simple web pages turning your website into ecommerce website. Learn how to generate other revenue streams using the same shopping cart and payment gateways. STEP 3 - Learn how to drive the RIGHT kind of traffic to your website for best and maximum results. Make sure you have an offer that will be hard to refuse. Patience is key here. Knowledge is patience.

Take each class at your leisure. You should learn each phase really well before moving on to the next class. Purchase each class one-at-a-time or all three for a discounted price. Call for details. Immediately after purchase, one of our representative will call you to schedule.


  • 2-Day Class
  • 7-Hours per Day
  • Monday-Tuesday
  • 7:00 am to 3:00 pm
  • 30-Day Full Support
One Time
  • 2-Day Class
  • 7-Hours Per Day
  • Wednesday-Thursday
  • 7:00 am - 3:00 pm
  • 30-Day Support
One Time
  • 2-Day Class
  • 7-Hours Per Day
  • Friday-Saturday
  • 7:00 am to 3:00 pm
  • 30-day Support
One Time
  • One Low Price
  • Priority Schedule
  • Priority Seating
  • One-Year Hosting
  • 60-Day Full Support
One Time

Why Choose WebsiteCenter.com?

We’re Experienced

WebsiteCenter.com has been in the website design business for over 17 years. Its founders have been involved in computers since 1981. Its staff are all computer graduates of top-notch college or trade school. All they do all day is build websites, write programming codes, test trials and errors, and learn new codes.

We’re Ontime

At WebsiteCenter.com, you don't get just one webmaster, you get an entire team. If you call for an update, your assigned webmaster will spring into action immediately and get the work done fast. If he or she happens to be out ill or on vacation, his supervisor or next webmaster will take over and complete the work on time.

We're Creative

Have you heard of two heads are better than one? We can look at your project from the outside looking in. Review your business model and your competition from every angle and investigate all possible areas of opportunities until we come up with a creative approach that is sure to bring attention to your business offer.

Keeping it Simple

I've heard it a billion times and more that simple is always best. We agree. We can design the simplest of websites to the most complicated database driven web application - it all depends on the type of business you're in. Whatever you want, we got you covered. It's that simple.

We’re Passionate

We take great care in everything we do which is why everything we do is for a reason. We love what we do and we want to share it with honesty and dedication with your best interest in mind. We promise to speak the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help you God. Your success is our success.

We're Friendly

We have an open door policy. No appointment necessary, however preferred. Once you're a client, you're family. Friends for life. We do not hold you hostage, like other website design companies. We set you free.

What people say?

We could not be pleased with our marketing results. I look great to my clients. Thanks for the great work WebsiteCenter!

J. Laney - Marketing Consultant

What people say?

We've learned to trust and rely on WebsiteCenter.com team for all of our website design and marketing needs. Thank you!

A. Rogers, West Palm Beach, FL

What people say?

My former webmaster would not provide me access or ownership of my own website. We took care of that with WebsiteCenter.com.

E. Kruger, Las Vegas, NV

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