About Trish Tan, VP and Treasurer

Office Manager, Customer Service, Project Assistant
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Vice President and Treasurer, WebsiteCenter, Inc.

Trish T., WebsiteCenter, Inc., Las Vegas, NV

I'm in charge of project quality control. I personally interact with each client on a regular basis making sure that all of their technical requests and needs are being met and handled in a professional and timely manner by the web developer. I'm responsible for making sure that time expended on each project is both productive and accurate. I also make sure that related itemized invoices are accurate, concise and paid on time. WebsiteCenter.com has always been there for many local and international companies in time of need. We strive hard to deliver on every project on time and complete satisfaction by the client. Every proposed project has to go through technical sales process to make sure that it is within our range of expertise. Otherwise, we have been known to turn down projects and refer them to another reputable company, if we know of any.

Customer Service is my passion. Your business satisfaction is my goal. Although I wear many hats in the office, my top priority is making sure your website is up and running at optimum performance. Call me if you have questions regarding our services, website maintenance and/or accounting related inquiries.

CALL: 1-702-784-0017

Trish Tan, VP and Treasurer
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Our focus is on our client's website design branding, website management, marketing and web hosting.

We're also good at custom graphic design and custom programming. We can guarantee that you will get results based on our work.

Site Management, % 90
Website Design, % 85
Web Hosting, % 75
Internet Marketing, % 96


Our mission is to provide businesses with an affordable website design solution and website design related services with measurable results in terms of sales, inquiries and/or opportunities that will help proper your business to growth. Our mission is to provide your business the proper technical support and expertise to make your online businesses grow and prosper today and in the future. To reap the full benefits of what the Internet has to offer and ultimately, to be your in-house webmaster.
Our vision is to someday become an integral part of online businesses worldwide. We can visualize being your website design department, marketing department, web hosting department and fulfillment center and more. We can envision having thousands of multiple WebsiteCenter.com locations worldwide serving local communities with website design services.
We have lots of ideas on how to get your business off the ground and how to maintain it to stay on top. We have extensive business experience that we can share e.g. what works and what does not. We can help in the branding and marketing of your products and services. Our ideas are great and they're FREE!
CALL: 1-702-784-0017