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Website Management & Maintenance Pricing Comparison

Shop and Compare our Website Management Packages and Get the Website Management Package that's right for you.

You can purchase our service by-the-hour, month-to-month or via annual contract. Each provides a specific purpose when it comes to budget and website activities. Below is a side-by-side comparison for your convenience and use. Each option is equally great!

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Website Management & Maintenance Pricing Comparison
Features By-The-Hour Month-to-Month Annual Contract
Min. Purchase 5-Hours / $425 10-Hours / $750 Signed Contract
Rate & Terms $85 per Hour $75 per Hour $66 per Hour
Requirements Online Purchase Online Purchase Signed Contract
15-Minute Rate $21.25 per 15 Minute $18.75 per 15 Minute $16.50 per 15 Minute
Contractual No Contract Required No Contract Required Yes, a Contract is Required
Management X X X
Maintenance X X X
Marketing X X X
Graphics X X X
New Features X X X
Gallery X X X
Add Product X X X
Video X X X
Audio X X X
WordPress Update X X X
Plugin Update X X X
Blog Post X X X
Events X X X
Forms X X X
Promotions Buy 5 Hours
Get 1-Hour Free
None. Must Purchase 10-Hours Online None. Must sign annual contract.