We have put together a list of advantages to having a professional website management team conduct the necessary updates and modifications required on the website. It's like having your own website design department at your command.

  • Get a Dedicated Team of Professionals to help you manage your online business so you can focus on what you do best.
  • We can be ready at a moments notice.
  • We are on standby to receive your change requests via telephone, email, in person or via live chat.
  • No monthly minimum payments.
  • Simple to complex changes. All change request under five (5) hours are all preapproved to proceed.
  • Quick turnaround time. Most change requests are done within four hours and almost always within a 12-hour period.
  • Submit various Web Site Management Projects from multiple websites under one account.
  • Receive Monthly Statement Reports and Invoicing
  • Free Estimate on projects or work request of 5 hours or more.
  • Free Technical and Marketing Consultation
  • Free Access to Web Design, Marketing and Business Resource Center, including libraries of sounds
  • WebsiteCenter.com will update and maintain your web site per your request or as required. We will maintain design consistency in accordance with Internet guidelines. Various major companies are bringing about multimedia onto the Internet and changes are happening at a frantic pace. Our Web Site Management program is the only way to ensure that your site will be current as these changes occurs.
  • WebsiteCenter.com guarantees that any and all revisions have been checked and tested to display properly and completed to your specification and satisfaction.
  • WebsiteCenter.com will visit and test your web site on a regular basis to check for outdated content and will provide report and recommendations on an as-needed or at least quarterly basis.
  • WebsiteCenter.com will Upload/Download your changes to your specified web host anywhere in the world at no additional charge.
  • WebsiteCenter.com will, upon special requests, maintain security and backup of the entire web site on a regular or as-needed basis.
  • You and your staff member will have access to our entire web development team of highly skilled IT professionals during office hours. Our group of IT professionals comprises of seasoned webmasters, graphic designers, internet marketing specialists, network administrators and asp/php programmers. We are accessible during standard office hours via telephone, email, text, video chat, fax and even snail mail.
  • Hourly rate: $85 per hour - billable in increments of 15 minutes. There is no minimum number of hour(s). This rate is applicable to skills requiring HTML, XML, CSS, ASP, PHP, Graphics, Video and Audio work.
  • Buy 5-Hours of Website Management Service for $425.00 USD, get an extra hour free.
  • There is no limit on how many blocks of 5-hours you can purchase. Buy more and save.

Stop. Think. Research. Confirm. Verify. Then proceed with caution.

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