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There are various adaptive keyboards available on the market from white to yellow letter keys to large print keyboard or color coded big keys, just to name a few.

Then there are keyboards that are keyless, a keyboard that requires a head/mouth stick or magic wand or an expanded keyboard that is designed for people with cerebral palsy. Assistive and adaptive keyboards comes in all colors and sizes. There's one for every need. Accessible Website Design Services Logo

Assistive Switches

Children and adults with limitations in movement can use technology through special switches. These assistive technology switches can be used to operate home appliances, fixtures, toys, learning devices and different types of electronic gadgets to browse and navigate the web.

Switches comes in various forms, colors, sizes and features. There are various adaptive switches for the visually impaired, limited motion movement and anything else you can think of. Accessible Website Design Services Logo

Braille Display

Braille display keyboard allows blind users full access to their computers.

Blind computer users, who cannot use a standard computer monitor, uses braille display to read text output. Braille displays range in price, sizes, features and availability. Accessible Website Design Services Logo

Eye Tracker

An eye tracker, found on assistive technology devices, uses invisible Infra-red light to illuminate the eyes. The computer can then track the user's gaze point and, ultimately, tell the computer where their eyes are looking at all times.

Eye tracker can be used to control a computer with your eyes. Instead of using a traditional keyboard and mouse, people with physical and cognitive disabilities can live ricer and more independent lives. Accessible Website Design Services Logo

Screen Readers

A screen reader is a software program that allow the blinds or visually impaired to read the text that is displayed on their computer screen. The screen reader is the interface between the computer's operating system, it's application and the user.

The user simply sends commands by pressing different combinations of keys on the computer keyboard or braille display to instruct the speech synthesizer what to say and to speak automatically when changes occur on the computer screen. Accessible Website Design Services Logo

Screen Magnifier

Screen magnifier is another computer software that interfaces with a computer's graphical output to present enlarged screen content.

Screen magnifiers can magnify all or part of the screen, change font color, background color, and even include screen readers to read screen text aloud, making it easier for individuals with low vision to view what is on the computer screen. Accessible Website Design Services Logo

Voice Recognition

Voice recognition software convers spoken words into typewritten texts. The speaker wears or holds a microphone and speaks directly onto a computer. The software then converts what is said into text via word processing document.

Voice recognition technology is beneficial to people who has difficulty manipulating writing tools, writing mechanics, and/or with the writing process. Accessible Website Design Services Logo

Sticks or Wands

Mouth stick or wands are for those with limited reach and mobility, unable to use their hands for typing and/or page turning. Enables and recognizes touch interactions with buttons by applying appropriate pressure without bending to register a click.

This is an ideal tool for typing and interacting solution for individuals who need assistance turning the pages of books, pressing buttons, or typing on a computer keyboard.