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Digital Marketing via Search Engines

Should you be paying a large sum of money every month to an online marketing team? The answer is NO. Marketing and Promoting a website is a set-it-and-forget-it kind of set-up which is why we don't believe that you have to be paying a large sum of money on a monthly basis to someone who is not exactly doing any physical or mental work for the money. You have to give these online marketing campaigns time to soak in the new account and campaign settings (at least 1 month) before experimenting with strategies and promotions. If you try to make a lot of modifications and changes too soon too fast, your account will be red flagged by search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing (MSN) and it's performance will become iffy, at best.

Here's a quick how-to to online marketing:

1) Search Engine Optimization - this is the process where we enhance your website codes, keywords, website file names, and even text content to optimize the website to be most relevant to your website subject matter. This means literally going into the website source codes, analyze the embedded keywords related to content, modify image file names to be more relevant to the page, then resubmitting these modified web pages to search engine for indexing. (One-Time Cost $995)

2) Search Engine Marketing - now that the website is optimized, search engines will charge us less on our pay-per-click cost. We setup your Pay-Per-Click Marketing Campaign e.g. Google Ads, BingAds (MSN, Yahoo, Hotmail, MSN, etc.), with an optional campaign with business listing directories e.g. Yelp, CitySearch, etc. (One-Time Cost $995)

3) Social Media Marketing - coordinate your search engine marketing with social media marketing - launch the same campaign but, if possible, with different landing page with different product code so we can identify where sales are coming from. (Starting at $875)

4) Email Marketing - gather all online inquiries, sales receipts, business cards, email correspondence, rolodex cards and consolidate all of the email accounts from your contact list and launch an email marketing campaign. The result of the campaign will clean the list for regular and future use. (Starting at $375)

Well, it's not exactly set-it and forget it but once the above are all done, it's a matter of simply maintaining and making adjustments from time to time. You have full control. All of the accounts are under your name and email. We even include training and orientation on all our prices so you can take control of the systems anytime. Our goal is to simply co-manage the accounts with you.

Note that I'm a google approved partner, former Yahoo Ambassador and a member of the Microsoft Partner Program as a Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) and Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE).

To learn more about our Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing service, please watch the video below:

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Marketing
Search Engine Optimization

SEO is your very first step into digital marketing. This is the process of optimizing your website from top all the way down to the core.
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Search Engine Marketing

SEM is your second step into digital marketing. This is the quickest way for search engine to index or digest your website. It's the only way.
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Social Media Marketing

This could be your third step into the digital marketing world. Start to spread the word out to your friends, families and associates. Why not?
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Direct Marketing via Email Marketing and Text Messaging

Direct Marketing works because you're marketing to a captive audience. With all the results you're getting from SEO, SEM and SMM above, you should be capturing, collecting and storing all their contact information, specifically their email and social links. Now that you know each other, they are more likely to open your email message and read it.

There are several types of direct marketing. Our focus is on email and text messaging. We all hate spam emails which is why we don't do spamming. What we send out is a friendly email and text messages to recipients who knows you and have signed up to receive your message.

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Direct Marketing Services

Stay in touch with your customer base via email and/or text messaging. You have full control.

Email marketing is the best way to keep in touch with your customer base without becoming a nuisance. It works if you know how.

All text messaging are not sent all at once and forget about it. It is sent throughout the day based on a person's activities.