Email Marketing Campaign

Compile your list of customers, vendors, associates, friends and relatives and their email(s), and keep adding to it on a regular basis. Eventually, you'll have a pretty big list.

A good Email Marketing Campaign will produce results immediately, almost instantaneously. Results that you can track, measure and monitor. As a Constant Contact Solutions Provider and Gold Partner, we can setup, create, manage, monitor, track and execute your email marketing campaign on a regular and monthly basis for one low price. Send thousands of email communications at a lot less price than a postage stamp.

Email Marketing Campaign (EMC)

A good rule of thumb is to email blasts to your email marketing lists at least twice per month or at the most once-per-week. If you follow this rule, you are sure to get results on a regular basis while keeping in close contact with your loyal customers.

Get Immediate Sales Results

The minute you sent out your first email blast, you can literally see immediate sales results in your email inbox. Conducting email blasts keeps your customers informed of what is going with your company.

Helps With Organic Ranking

As your email marketing campaign gets on its way, recipients will start clicking on links embedded in the message or they will start searching for your business online - the more activities it gets online the higher your organic ranking will be.

  • Highest Quality Traffic

    This is the highest form of quality traffic online - your customer base circling back to your company for more products and services. It's not a sin to email customers as long as its relevant to their business.

  • Maps & Directories

    We'll register your website with reputable map listings and select directories (the ones that ranks high on organic search). Being selective is key to this campaign. Only select companies that have proven to be reputable in the community.

  • Low Marketing Cost

    The cost of a postage stamps has skyrocketed over the years making email marketing the best way to deliver your business message or offer. To email your message directly to your customers costs less than a penny.

  • Low Maintenance Cost

    Once an email marketing campaign is setup - all emails are in groups, the website is tied to your email marketing account, and several campaign are ready and on standby. Now, you can use it over and over at practically no cost to you.

When done, we will provide you and your team an overview of what has been created for your use.

This is all included in the one-time price. Everything thereafter is paid on a per-hour basis.

Email Marketing Story:

I Like You! - This was his favorite expression.

We email blast to about 1400 people, customers, visitors, followers, friends, etc. announcing that we will be in the New York area for a show on so and so date.

We gathered all of their customers email (by exporting them out of their online shopping cart program), typed up all of the names, addresses and phone numbers from business cards they've received, plus any list of vendors they use often for business. We checked which emails are valid and deleted those that are not. Overall, we ended up with about 1400 emails.

We email blasted the emails on a Monday afternoon. As we were sending out the emails, some already responded by purchasing the tickets. It is the most wonderful feeling in the world watching those online ticket purchases as they come in. Overall, we sold about 265 ickets to the show! The first day, we sold 86 tickets. Then more came in as the days went by. A total of 265 tickets!! From thereon, we would email to our group of followers from time whenever we have a formal announcements. It never fails, tickets are sold in minutes! This is fun!


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When it comes to marketing your business, we can get you started in the right direction. Our goal is to minimize the cost and maximize the impact. All of our marketing efforts are measurable so you'll know whether it is working or not.

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