B2B: Identify your website Visitors

The Visitor List is the hub of Lead Forensics showing you which companies have visited your website. Identify the name of the companies that have visited, where they are located, how much time they spent on your site, how many pages they viewed and what marketing channel they came from.

B2B Lead Generator

Install Lead Forensics B2B Lead Generator code on your website then capture all of your website visitor traffic for your immediate use or for later mining.

Instantly identify your anonymous website visitors' contact details including:

  • Business Name
  • Contact Information
  • Demographics
  • Search Behaviour
  • Financial Data

  • Introducing Lead Forensics:

    Lead Forensics has been on an epic journey. From humble beginnings, in 2009 we started as a small group of individuals with a great idea. Nine (9) years later, we’ve grown phenomenally and have taken top place in the website visitor tracking market. As we’ve grown we’ve continued to invest heavily in making sure that we have significantly greater data matches than any other provider. Plus, we’ve formed a product team that’s passionate about keeping Lead Forensics the must-have tool for top sales and marketing professionals.

    Focus Sales on the Hottest Leads

    Gain the competitive edge and never miss a sales opportunity again:

    • Lead score on multi-criteria
    • Auto-assign leads
    • Trigger instant notifications
    • Flag your "dream" customers
    • Customise your portal

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