All Website Packages

All Website Packages are Ideally Packaged and Priced for Small and Medium Sized Businesses

Our website design package is complete and search engine friendly from the very start. We also build it with Accessibility in mind - which means that the website will be user friendly to visitors who are disabled e.g. blind, disabled, hard of hearing, etc. Websites built with Accessibility in mind are automatically search engine friendly, and you will already be in compliance with government regulations when it becomes fully enforced. Right now, only governments websites are required to be fully Accessible but eventually, it will be required in the public sector.

Informational Website Packages


  • Responsive Website
  • 2-3 Web Pages
  • Image Slider
  • Select Stock Photos
  • Excluded from Membership
  • Contact Form


  • Responsive Website
  • 4-5 Web Pages
  • Includes Membership
  • Pricing Elements
  • Social Links
  • Photo Gallery


  • Responsive Website
  • 8-10 Web Pages
  • Includes Membership
  • Accordion Page
  • Custom Elements
  • Custom Form


  • Responsive Website
  • 15-20 Web Pages
  • Includes Membership
  • Custom Pages
  • Video Embed
  • Typography

Website Design Crash Course in 1-Day

Build a 3-Page Website Yourself

If you're the do-it-yourself kind of person, why not learn website design using HTML and CSS. Build your 3-Page website in 1-day, the right way! We will show you how to convert HTML templates into your own customized website; learn how to edit your photos so it loads fast on any device; learn how to optimize your website so it ranks high on search engine results; learn how to use AI to optimize your content; learn the use of FTP programs. If you can't build your 3-Page website by the end of the course, we will build it for you. It's a win/win. Website Design Crash Course, an 8-Hour In-Person Class, located in Las Vegas, Nevada. Sign-Up Today!

Standard & Advanced Ecommerce Website Pricing

Star Procyon

  • Think: Clothing/Shoe Store
  • Ecommerce Website
  • Responsive Website Design
  • Domain Name / 1-Year
  • Optional Web Hosting
  • & PayPal
  • General Shopping Cart
  • Pre-Install 50 Products
  • Capacity: Unlimited Categories
  • Capacity: Unlimited Products
  • Social Media Links
  • Contact and Lead Forms
  • Email Marketing Account
  • 2-3 Hour Training
  • VALUE: $15,000

Star Tau Ceti

  • Think: Department Store
  • Includes All of Procyon
  • Standard Ecommerce
  • Full Featured Cart
  • Custom Product Order
  • Featured Products
  • Affiliate Program
  • & PayPal
  • Pre-Install 50 Products
  • Capacity: Unlimited Products
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Digital Downloads
  • Email Marketing Account
  • Contact and Lead Forms
  • VALUE: $20,000

Star Gliese

  • Think: Computer Store
  • All of Tau Ceti
  • Advanced Ecommerce
  • Product Bulk Upload
  • Preinstall Products
  • Membership Program
  • Member Area Page
  • Featured Products
  • Paypal &
  • Full Featured Cart
  • Tax, Shipping & Handling
  • Security SSL Certificate
  • Video and Audio
  • Contact and Lead Forms
  • Blog Features
  • VALUE: $30,000

Star Wolf Custom

  • Think Creatively
  • Includes All of Preceding Packages

Website Membership Package

Free and Paid Membership Program

Free Membership is ideal when capturing visitor's information without much effort. Simply provide something of value for joining and you're all set. Free membership can be anything you can imagine. Offer free membership to provide access to anything of value - recipes, personal photos, articles, information, etc. As people sign up, your membership list grows. Thereafter, you can email blast to all your members with a paid offer. This is where money starts rolling in.

An example of paid membership is for Informational Service or Access, Stock Photo Membership, News Access, Online Access, etc. Visitors signs up and pay to have access to your content on a monthly or annual basis. Provide exclusive content to all your members and control what they can see or access.

Membership Software

This membership software can be set to Free or Paid Membership Access. You are buying a software program for use on websites to manage and control their users as members.


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