Website Management and Maintenance Services

Website Management & Maintenance Services By-The-Hour

Only pay by-the-hour when you use our service. No contract required. No one-hour minimums. Everything is billable in 15-minute increments. Pay-by-the-hour-As-You-Go!

No contract required. Simply purchase the initial number of blocked-hours (5-hours) and we can begin work on your website immediately. Thereafter, you only pay by-the-hour when you use our service. By-The-Hour is best if you only need our service occassionally. We can conduct the necessary technical updates and charge you for the time it took to complete the tasks. In all fairness, the clock is billable in 15-minute increments and there is no one-hour minimum. To save even more, if you purchase your blocks of hours online, you get an extra hour FREE for every 5-hours purchased! That's an $85.00 USD savings.