Blog: How to Build a Search Engine Friendly Website


How To Build A Search Engine Friendly Website?

What is HTML? The First Step to a Search Engine Friendly Website.

HyperText Markup Language Version 5, commonly known as HTML5, is the native language of the Internet and the World Wide Web (WWW). Therefore, it only makes sense that you build your website in HTML from the start. Why? Because it is the first step to a search engine friendly website. HTML is also the most secured website design format. It is lightweight, which means, it loads fast. No software required. It is also supported by EVERY browser ever built. Easy to learn, easy to code.

At, we automatically build websites in HTML, unless requested otherwise. Please NOTE that you have to request that your website be built in HTML5, otherwise, it will be built however way they like. Your web developer will not automatically build your website in HTML – you have to request for it. If your webmaster or web developer disagrees, leave as fast as you can. Do not hire those people. They are only looking out for themselves.

Building your website in html is not easier, it fact, it is a little bit harder. Like anything that you have to do the right way is always harder – that is why a lot of people take shortcuts. But if you know what you're doing, html is relatively easy. You have to insist on this.

Remember, building your website with anything other than HTML is not search engine friendly. It does not mean that it won’t work. It just means that you will have to work harder and pay more money to drive traffic to your website. That means paying for traffic. Paying for traffic is not bad. In fact, it is quite a necessity. The difference is that you will pay less when you’re website is built in HTML – because it will already be search engine friendly – most likely ranking organically, and search engine will reward you for this. It also means that paying Google and other search engines (like Yahoo and Bing) for traffic will charge you less because you've taken the time to make your website search engine friendly. So even if you stop paying for traffic, relative amount of traffic continues because you're ranking organically. With other types of websites, as soon as you stop paying for traffic, the traffic stops. That’s the big difference.

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