Blog: How to edit an HTML web page?


Step 1 - View your list of html web pages.
Step 2 - Right-Click on the html page you want to edit.
Step 3 - Select Open With Notepad
Step 4 - Search (Ctrl-F) for the word you want to edit.
Step 5 - Click on File, then select Save
Step 6 - Upload your modified HTML file via FTP (Filezilla)
Step 7 - View the web page on your browser. Click Refresh (F5)
Step 8 - Verify that your changes took effect.

View your web page(s) in File Explorer.

Right Click on the web page you want to edit and select Open With and select Notepad

View the HTML using Notepad

Search for the text you want to edit then click on FILE and select SAVE