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A Step-by-Step General Instruction to Online Marketing

The first step to online marketing is Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Everything begins and ends at your website, so it only makes sense that we optimize your website to be more relevant to search engines. Making your website more relevant to search engines means working directly with the HTML source codes and images of each web pages. The SEO process is very technical and should only be done by a professional.

Making your website more relevant to search engines is just one of many steps to SEO. Now that your web pages are relevant, we will now go through the registration process via search engine webmaster tools. Search engines like google provides webmaster tools for our use to make certain that the web pages we're building are within Internet guidelines. These tools also provides us the registration, authentication, verification and validation of your website with search engines. Why do we have to go through all these registration process? It identifies you and your business to search engines as a legitimate business - to build more trust. The more Google trust your website, the more it will drive traffic and will charge you less in advertising.

Once all is said and done, to maintain your search engine ranking, simply keep the website fresh with new and unique content on a regular basis. Stay abreast of new and current online trends and improvise. Post an business announcement, a local or industry news that you want to share, post a report, an advise, or just write anything and everything about yourself or your business. If you do, the search engines will have no choice but to push your website up in ranking. Keep the website activities high and business will naturally flow.

SEO is just the first step. To take advantage of the Internet's search engine traffic, you now need to implement Step 2 - Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Step 3 - Social Media Marketing (SMM), Step 4 - Email Marketing.

Step-by-Step Online Marketing


Purchase our Search Engine Optimization Service (SEO). We will optimize key select web pages throughout your site and make them search engine friendly by making sure its HTML codes are in compliance with W3C Internet standards ( and search engine guidelines. Please note that SEO is limited only to HTML and Wordpress websites. Websites in any other format, please contact us for consultation. Websites built by other website developer, we can only enhance its HTML codes, we will not rewrite or redesign your web pages. Website Redesign will fall under our website design services. /p>


Purchase SEM. We will conduct a full and aggressive Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaign, build a trackable landing page, implement its tracking and monitoring features, then analyze how to convert its traffic to actual sales and inquiries. We can conduct an SEM without conducting an SEO. Please note however, that websites without SEO tend to pay higher pay-per-click cost due to lower page quality score. There are no restrictions on website format when it comes to SEM. Again, however, your PPC cost will vary depending on your website format.


Purchase SMM. Social Media Marketing (SMM) will pull traffic from various social network organizations like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube, just to name a few, to make our Facebook posts as a catalyst for user-generated-content thus creating more earned media that will help drive even more traffic to our special landing pages - with a promo to add-to-cart or to fill-out the online form. Social media is the most powerful marketing tool on the planet today! Tomorrow might be different so we need to take advantage of this now. Purchase this service to expand your company reach beyond search engines.


Purchase EMC. Our Email Marketing Campaign (EMC) will revive your current and past customers to life. Email marketing will keep your business name fresh on their mind thus generating more referrals. Email marketing is the fastest way to generate sales in the least amount of time. We simply email blast a promotion to your current customer base and watch the online sales come in. Please contact us for details on how to gather your email list for email marketing purposes - 1-702-784-0017.


SEO are applicable ONLY on HTML and Wordpress Websites. In order for us to conduct SEO on your website, it will need to be in HTML format. We would not rewrite nor redesign the web page in order to meet current W3C Standards or search engine guidelines. That would require a total redesign and reformatting of your website which is at additional costs.

Email marketing lists can only be derived from past or current customer base or from online inquiries. Email list could include information from business cards, promotional materials and/or past email communications.

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